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November 8, 2022

Primm, NV - The final round of the 2022 WORCS Rocky Mountain series was held this past weekend at Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino in Primm, NV.  DirtHalo Racing's Dakota Hibler had already secured the ATV Women A Championship the previous round in Mesquite.  Hibler wanted to finish the season in the A class to close out her amateur career before turning pro next season.  As the four women lined up saturday afternoon, Hibler would once again get a terrible start and barely got started before the next row would launch onto the course.  With a thirty second gap to the rest of the field Hibler had her work cut out for her.  She was able to get to the front by the end of lap one and came into scoring with a two second lead, which lasted only a few turns as Hibler would get stuck on the log section and unable to free herself for over a minute putting he in fourth place. 

By the end of lap three Hibler was bar to bar with race leader Santana Michel.  Hibler made the pass shortly after the scoring shoot for the lead and would run the cleanest lap of the day for her and finish the season with a win in the class and complete her Championship season.  


October 10, 2022

Mesquite, NV - Round nine of the WORCS Rocky Mountain ATV/MC series headed to Mesquite MX this past weekend as the 2022 nears its finale.  As the temperature raised over the weekend so did the competition as several classes still have championships up for grabs.  DirtHalo Racing's Dakota Hibler coming off her previous two wins in the ATV Women A class is inching closer to her first Women A Championship.  Entering Saturday's race Hibler held a nine-point lead and with the rough track in Mesquite would be battle tested to gain more points and eventually secure her overall championship.  For the second straight season Hibler was able to get out with the hole shot and lead wire to wire to claim her third win in a row and sixth overall class victory.  Hibler now just needs to finish the final race of the season to claim her championship.  

Sunday's 15-29B class has been a tough one all season for Hibler as she has battled a stacked field of young men and has yet to claim a podium spot.  With the overall podium out of reach after the last round in Idaho, Hibler was looking to keep her fourth-place overall position.  After an average start Hibler quickly found herself in the back of the class and had to make up some ground.  Hibler would move to seventh place in class and now holds a slim point advantage heading into the final round next month.  


September 12, 2022

Preston, ID - The second half of the 2022 WORCS Rocky Mountain ATVMC season resumed in the corn fields of Preston, Idaho at Cache Valley MX Park for rounds seven and eight this past weekend.  With a packed schedule and three races for the weekend, DirtHalo Racing's Dakota Hibler was ready after the long break to get back to action in search of her first podium in 15-29B class and to extend her points lead in the Women A class.  
Saturday's schedule had a back-to-back for Hibler with 15-29B class first and then Women A.  Hibler lined up with the guys on the line for 15-29B and got a decent start heading into the corn fields.  Hibler would run fourth for the first two laps and then decided to pull off to prepare for the Women A race.  Hibler would finish the 15-29B class in last for round seven.
Women A class would be next, and Hibler lined up with two other ladies and off the line last would have to work to the front.  Shortly after getting out to the back section of the track, Hibler made the two passes to gain the lead coming into the scoring shoot first.  Hibler would then put down some unmatched lap times to extend her lead each lap and finished the day in first to extend her points lead heading into the final two rounds.
On Sunday Hibler would only have the 15-29B class and lined up again with the guys and got a decent start again to head into the corn fields in fourth.  Hibler would continue to stay close to the top three for the first three laps and then just maintained her lead on fifth place to stay in fourth and finish just shy of her first podium in the class on the season.  Hibler will have two more rounds to get on the podium and hopefully get into the top three overall on the season.