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May 14, 2022

Page, AZ - AZOP hosted its annual Page Grand Prix and Hare Scramble on the south banks of Lake Powell this past weekend.  DirtHalo Racing's Dakota Hibler wanted to get in some seat time and decided to race on Saturday which hosted the Grand Prix 50 min race.  Lining up with nine other racers, Dakota got a decent start and was able to get to the front runners for the first two laps.  At lap three Hibler was able to pass fourth and third in the same lap and start to set her sights on the number two position rider.  With time running out Hibler came in just behind second to finish third on the day and 7th overall out of 27 riders.  All in All, it was a good day with Hibler running consecutive lap times across the entire race. 


May 2, 2022

Las Vegas, NV - Worcs Racing returned to Las Vegas to host round five at the Orleans Arena.  This race had been postponed the past two years due to the pandemic and with the return of this event brought lots of excitement and challenges. 

DirtHalo Racing's Dakota Hibler has never raced this event and with the Enduro Themed obstacle course it was not the typical MX/Desert Style.  Hibler would have both races within an hour of each other with the Women A race first up.  Hibler lined up with three other ladies and got a terrible start once again which put her at the back of the field.  After chasing for the first two laps Hibler worked up to the front of the field tucking right behind the leader and would give chase all the way to the end getting within two seconds, but not able to pull off the win and settle for second on the day.  Hibler maintains her slim point lead heading into the final round before the mid season break in three weeks. 

Second race on the afternoon, Hibler would line up with six other riders and would start at the back of the field once again after stalling her quad on the start log. It would take Hibler a few laps to get going and then eventually make a couple of passes and finish fifth on the day. Hibler now sits in fourth overall in the 15-29B class on the season. 


April 4, 2022

Taft, Ca - Round four of the Rocky Mountain WORCS ATV/MC series shifted to central California at the famed Honolulu Hills this past weekend.  DirtHalo Racing's Dakota Hibler was excited to get back to racing at one of her favorite tracks on the series.  Last season Hibler entered the round as the current Women C points leader winning the first three rounds and ended up being moved to Women B after her impressive win at Taft in 2021.  Hibler looking to repeat that performance, started off dead last off the line after stalling the quad and having to work her way to the pack.  By the time the class had reached the famed step up, Hibler had caught the third and second place riders and had her sights on the class leader.  After chasing for a little more then two laps, Hibler was able to make a move early on lap three and never looked back taking her second win in a row in the Women A class and third overall win on the season.  

Hibler lined up on sunday in the super competitive 15-29B class which was missing some of its heavy hitters.  Hibler lined up with six other riders and took off the line chasing the pack for the first two laps.  Once again Hibler was able to make some moves, stay consistent and move into fourth place where she would finish the day.  Another great weekend for the team and they are looking forward to taking a week off to relax, recoup and prep for the famed Vegas round at the end of the month at The Orleans Hotel and Casino.