Team Rider

As the only racer on DirtHalo Racing, Dakota has established herself as one of the most consistent racers in her classes over the years competing in over 200 races. 
She has finished in the Top 3 overall in six of seven seasons, earning Five Championships 2016 (1), 2019 (1),  and 2020 (3).
When Dakota is not racing she enjoys camping, riding, and making music, drawing and being with friends and family.
Dakota is also working on her new clothing line DirtHalo Industries set to launch soon!


Team Owner

As Team Owner, running the day to day operations, scheduling, social media, marketing and prep work, Jeremy spends countless hours making sure the team has everything it needs for any and all races and events.



Team Manager

Carolyn is the backbone of DirtHalo Racing, she is always making sure things are in order away from the track and garage so the team can get ready for the track.  Carolyn has worked countless hours at races to help support the team over the years. Heading into 2021 Carolyn's role will be more handling of the travel and merchandise coordination.